With the semester fee, students support the following services of the Studentenwerk:

  • Reasonable student meal prices in the Mensas and Cafeterias
  • Affordable rents in the student halls of residence
  • Counselling services such as Psychosocial Counselling, Social Counselling,
  • Legal advice, part-time job placement, child care
  • Mobility services such as bicycle self-help workshops
  • Funding for student cultural events
  • Special support for students with children, international students and students with disabilities

The semester contribution is based on the principle of solidarity:

  • Everyone pays a small part regardless of whether they actually use the services provided or not.
  • Everyone can benefit, but especially those who are particularly in need of support.

However, semester fees only constitute approx. 25% of the financing of the Studentenwerk Leipzig*. Most of the income is generated from the turnovers of the Mensas, Cafeterias and Student Halls of Residence (approx. 66%).

*Figures from 2020, rounded