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Avoid queuing at Mensa am Park

Mensa am Park Ausgabetheken

Long queues are currently forming at the Mensa am Park. Many guests queue unwittingly at the first counter. Those who do not want the “Quick Dish” can pass directly by the queue and go into the cafeteria to another counter.

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Culture Issues /

Our cultural tip for October 2021

Aufführung Moby Dick, Freies Ensemble Jedermann, Foto von Maria Obermeier
Foto: Maria Obermeier

How much Ahab is in each of us? A production of the classic “Moby Dick” by the Freie Ensemble Jedermann. The play is performed at Neues Schauspiel Leipzig on two weekends in October and November.

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Our Villa Unifratz turns 25!

Kinder und bunte Luftballons zum Geburtstag vor der Villa Unifratz.

Our Villa Unifratz joins the ranks of this year's anniversary celebrations: In October, the daycare center celebrates its 25th birthday!

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