Welcome to Summersemester 2022

The new semester has started. We welcome all Leipzig students! We will inform you about our offers and news on all channels.
Studierende sitzen in Leipzig am Kanal.

The Studentenwerk Leipzig welcomes all new students and returning students for the summer semester 2022! 

After two years of the Corona pandemic and severely restricted attendance at Leipzig's universities, the summer semester 2022 will start again in normal conditions. Where digital formats have proven themselves, they will remain in place in the future.

In the summer semester, students will be able to choose between face-to-face appointments with prior booking and video or telephone counselling for most of our counselling services. For face-to-face appointments, students are still asked to wear a medical mask and to cancel an appointment if they have cold symptoms.

Current information about our offers

Mensas & Cafeterias

Mit Beginn der Vorlesungszeit im Sommersemester öffnen unsere Mensen und Cafeterien wieder zu den vor der Corona-Pandemie üblichen Zeiten, mit voller Angebotsvielfalt und 100% Sitzplatzkapazität. Auch die Selbstentnahmetheken (Salat & Pasta) sind wieder geöffnet. Die neu eingeführte Option, Essen und Getränke mitzunehmen, bieten wir weiterhin an.

Die Pflicht zum tragen einer Maske (medizinischer Mund-Nasen- Schutz bzw. FFP2-Atemschutzmaske ohne Ausatemventil oder vergleichbarer Atemschutz) bis zum Sitzplatz bleibt zunächst bestehen. Nach Möglichkeit sollte ein ein Abstand von 1,50 m zu anderen Personen eingehalten werden. Die Bezahlung ist weiterhin nur mit gültigem Studierenden-bzw. Bedienstetenausweis oder der Mensakarte möglich. TIPP: Im April und Mai tourt ein Infostand durch die Mensen, an dem die Registrierung für AutoLoad möglich ist. Die Termine gibt's in der Übersichtsmeldung. Bargeldzahlung ist nicht möglich.

Die genauen Öffnungszeiten der einzelnen Mensen und Cafeterien finden sich auf der Seite der einzelnen Einrichtung

With the start of the lecture period in the summer semester, our Mensas and Cafeterias will reopen at the usual times before the Corona pandemic, with a full range of offers and 100% seating capacity. The self-service counters (salad & pasta) are also open again. We will continue to offer the newly introduced option to take away food and drinks.

The obligation to wear a mask (medical mouth-nose protection or FFP2 respirator without exhalation valve or comparable respiratory protection) up to the seat remains in place for the time being. If possible, a distance of 1.50 m from other persons should be maintained. Payment is still only possible with a valid student or staff ID or the Mensa card. TIP: In April and May, an information stand will be touring the refectories where you can register for AutoLoad. The dates can be found in the News. Cash payment is not possible.

The exact opening hours of the individual Mensas and cafeterias can be found on the page of the particular institution. 

Student Housing

In the student halls of residence, the placement of halls of residence has been taking place digitally for quite some time. In the pandemic, the conclusion of tenancy agreements by digital means or by post has now also proved successful. Move-ins take place with prior appointment booking to avoid long queues at the main move-in dates. The tenancy officers and caretakers can be reached by e-mail and telephone.

Department for Grants

The Department for Grants continues to offer counselling by e-mail and telephone.

Counselling services

Junge Menschen lachen in die Kamera.

From April onwards, the Social Counselling will be offering face-to-face appointments as short counselling sessions (approx. 20 min) in the new Studierenden Service Zentrum (SSZ) in Goethestraße 3-5. You will need to book an appointment in advance. All other counselling can be done by phone or video. Information events for students will continue to be offered primarily online.

Psychosocial counselling continues its face-to-face services. In addition, counselling is offered by telephone or video. Group services continue to be primarily digital

Student Job Office


At the start of the summer semester, the Job Office will once again offer personal counselling with prior appointment booking. The job placement process will continue to take place online, as the digital form has proven itself. In this way, long queues at the job placement office can be avoided in the future.


The day- care centre Villa Unifratz is already open for regular business. From 25 April, the Kinderladen will also reopen regularly. For information on our other Childcare facilities, please contact the provider directly.

Do-it-yourself bicycle repair workshops

Fahrradwerkstatt Studentenwerk Leipzig

The do-it-yourself bicycle repair workshops "Radgeber" and "RadSchlag" remain open. Currently, six workplaces are available in each of the self-help areas. The workshop in the "VILLA gGmbH" is still open with restrictions. If possible, repairs can be carried out outside in the courtyard.

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9-Euro-Ticket reduces the Semester ticket fee

Students of the summer semester 2022 will receive a retroactive reduction of the semester ticket fee due to the implementation of the 9-Euro-Ticket.

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Semesterticket applies as 9-Euro-Ticket

Students do not have to buy a 9-Euro ticket. The semester ticket is considered an equivalent ticket.

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