Particularly climate-friendly food for the climate strike on 23.9.

Climate-friendly & delicious cuisine: On Friday, 23 September 2022, all Mensas will serve mainly KlimaTeller dishes.
Pasta mit Champignons und frischen Kräutern

With climate-friendly dishes, we are participating in the global climate strike on Friday, 23 September 2022.

All Mensas will offer (almost) exclusively KlimaTeller dishes on this day.

A selection from the menu

  • Chili con Tofu with Pita Bread // Lasagne with Seitan Bolognese (Mensa Peterssteinweg)
  • Homemade langos with pumpkin vegetables // Cauliflower steak with hazelnut basil pesto on mashed potatoes (Mensa am Medizincampus)
  • Pasta gratin with seitan bolognese // Gönnatal turkey breast steak in herb marinade (Mensa am Park)
  • Homemade oat couscous balls on a colourful tomato and lentil salad // Green wok vegetables (optionally with turkey strips) (Mensa Academica)
  • Spelt risotto with roasted root vegetables and rocket // Lime spaghetti with pea and mushroom ragout & cashews (Mensa am Elsterbecken & Mensa Tierklinik)

To the menu

The delicious climate protection

KlimaTeller Logo

Even small variations in the choice of ingredients can make a big difference. Above all, more plant-based foods contribute to a drastic reduction in the CO₂ balance of the KlimaTeller. In general, the seasonality, regionality and organic quality of the food used play an important role in the climate footprint of the meal.

Grafik zum Klimateller

A dish can only be called a KlimaTeller if it produces at least 50% less CO₂ than the average of conventional dishes. This average is based on 76,000 dishes analysed by Eaternity (EDB Eaternity Database). With the KlimaTeller, around 1 kilogramme of CO₂ is saved per meal - this corresponds to a car journey of around 8 kilometres.

The KlimaTeller can be recognised by the KlimaTeller logo in the menu