Our cultural tip for May 2022

"Speaking of Ghosts" - Clara Sandau and Paul Schlipf - The new exhibition at Galerie Plast am Stannebeinplatz shows a cross-section of the most recent works by the two artists.
Titelbild der Fotoausstellung von Clara Sandau und Paul Schlipf zeigt ein Paar Füße in weißen Strümpfen und High Heels auf einer Blumenwiese
Clara Sandau + Paul Schlipf

In her drawings and paintings, Clara Sandau explores seemingly insignificant scenes which, however, on closer inspection contain tensions and confrontations. Moments in which what was not visible before is violently and animalistically unleashed.

In a series of miniature oil paintings, Paul Schlipf devotes himself to a shadowy illusory world, which in the immediate perspective, through iconic kitsch and masquerade, can become the truth.

An installative photo box invites visitors to participate in art production and art exchange, in which they decide for themselves what is art and what is not, and in which they can use their bodies as a transcendent resource for the creation of a free space.

The installation of the photo box is a collaborative artwork by the two artists, which was conceived for "speaking of ghosts".

  • Vernissage: 12 May 2022, 05.00-10.00 p.m.
  • Exhibition: 13.05-25.05.2022.
  • Opening times: Saturday (14 and 21 May) and Sunday (15 and 22 May), 03.00-06.00 p.m., weekdays after arrangement
  • Plast, Stannebeinplatz 7, 04347 Leipzig

In the culture tip of the month, we present a selected project that is supported by our cultural funding. Funding for student culture is awarded upon application.