Our cultural tip for August 2022

Jedermensch e.V.: KNALLBRAUSE Theatre Festival in Leipzig-Gohlis
Federica Galli/Unsplash

For the first time, the Freie Ensemble Jedermensch is organising the KNALLBRAUSE Theatre Festival. The aim is to offer the independent Leipzig theatre scene a stage and the opportunity to tell stories in a variety of ways. The audience can look forward to a wide-ranging programme that focuses on language as a means of expression in various formats. These range from theatre for children and adults to music, dance, readings and discussions.

Three student productions at the festival are supported by the Studentenwerk's cultural funding:

When & where?

  • Festival: 4 -7 August
  • Heinrich-Budde-Haus, Lützowstraße 19, 04157 Leipzig

Tickets, further information about the festival and the programme at:

In the culture tip of the month, we present a selected project that is supported by our cultural funding. Funding for student culture is awarded upon application.

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