Empowerment for Students who experience Racism in Everyday Life (workshop)

Empowerment workshop on 06.06.2023 - In a protected space we talk about racism and empowerment methods. The workshop is organised by the Antidiskriminierungsbüro Sachsen e.V. (ADB).
Workshop-Situation: Im Vordergrund sieht man ein Flipchart mit Post its und im Hintergrund unscharf eine dynamische Gruppe von jungen Menschen um einen Tisch herum

Empowerment workshop

In our empowerment workshop we want to talk about racism in a safe space. Together we will look for strategies and ideas on how we can strengthen ourselves. Empowerment is a form of resistance against structures that accompany us every day.

Through different methods we want to name racism and talk about possibilities of action that help us to overcome difficult situations.

Dates & Registration

  • Date/Time: 06.06.2023, 9.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m.
  • Location: Konferenzraum, Mensa und Cafeteria am Elsterbecken, Marschnerstraße 29c, 04109 Leipzig
  • Referees:  Dr. Anyela Urrego and Yamen Khamis, 'Antidiskriminierungsbüro Sachsen'
  • Organisation: Abteilung Soziale Dienste, Studentenwerk Leipzig
  • Registration via online scheduling 

The workshops are offered by the Antidiskriminierungsbüro Sachsen e.V. (ADB), which was founded in 2004 and is a central contact point for those affected by discrimination. The institution works as a counselling centre, further education provider and information platform. The association is the only independently operating office for all grounds of discrimination according to the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) and for multiple discrimination in Saxony.