Bicycle check-up

Get your bike ready for the dark season! Our check-up will make it easier.
Pinker Rennradlenker auf nasser Straße mit Herbstlaub

For many Leipzig students, the bicycle is a constant companion through the city, even in autumn and winter. Our experts at the Do-It-Yourself Bicycle Repair Shops recommend at least one check-up before each season. Particularly during the time of year when the streets turn wet and the days are darker, safety on the bike is enormously important. 

Please make use of our checklist for this purpose!

Bicycle check-up

Now is the right time to equip your bike for the winter. Above all, it is important to ensure good visibility in the dark and to have a secure grip on wet roads.

  • Reflectors & bicycle lights intact?
  • Brakes fully functional?
  • Coats have enough tread and no cracks?
  • Rim runs round & spokes are tight?
  • Bicycle chain cleaned and in good condition? 

Vorschaubild des Fahrrad-Checkups

Printable list (German)

Autumn bike check-up (PDF)

What do I do if ... ?

Is your bike already showing signs of defects? Are you unsure whether a component should be replaced or serviced? 

In case of doubt, it is best to go directly to a workshop. Bicycle parts need to be treated with care to ensure that they provide long-lasting enjoyment. 

Bicycle self-help workshops for students

Fahrrad-Werkstattplatz Radschlag Studentenwerk Leipzig

In the Do-It-Yourself Bicycle Repair Shops of the Studentenwerk, students can repair, upgrade and maintain their bicycles themselves free of charge. Several workshop places with special tools and appropriate equipment are available for use. The staff is on hand to provide valuable tips and expert support as needed. In addition, there are cheap, used spare parts available as well as bicycle spare parts that can be installed immediately.

Information on the Do-It-Yourself Bicycle Repair Shops