Please note


The chancellery Sammler & Müller continues to offer legal advice during office hours by telephone on Tuesdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. .

Please refrain from calling outside of consultation hours by telephone to avoid disrupting the office workflow. Please try calling again during the consultation hours by telephone, because you will hear a dial tone even if the line is busy.

Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance for students is offered on behalf of Studentenwerk Leipzig and provided by Jens Müller Lawyer of the law firm SAMMLER & MÜLLER. If you want to receive legal assistance, presenting your student ID card is mandatory. The consultation is individual, free of charge and financed through semester fees.

Principles of Legal Assistance

  • quick consultations / approx. 15 minutes per person
  • please bring all necessary documents regarding your specific concern
  • one consultation per concern (initial consultation)
  • if you are already represented by a lawyer, you are not allowed to use the service
  • no group consultations

If you're looking for advice on one of the following topics, please refer to our Social Counselling department:

  • general advice on social benefits (unemployment benefit, housing benefit, child benefit, parental benefit, etc.)
  • general advice on social insurances (e.g. health insurance)
  • public broadcasting license fee (GEZ)
  • regulations on working as a student and studying

Legal Advice

Students may also obtain brief legal information regarding any problems arising from their individual living conditions directly at the office of Studentenwerk Leipzig. Detailed legal advice and assistance, however, is not provided there.

Please note that information can currently only be provided by telephone.

Leisure accident insurance for students

During their studies and vocational training, students have a compulsory accident insurance. However, the accident insurance coverage is very strictly limited to the university or educational institution and its direct area of influence. Studentenwerk Leipzig has therefore concluded an additional leisure accident insurance. For further information, please contact versicherungen {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de.

Good to know:

Our free legal assistance or legal advice may be used by duly enrolled students of any of the eight universities and academies associated with Studentenwerk Leipzig. Furthermore, we kindly ask you to bring along a student identity card with a valid stamp for the current semester. It is not necessary to make a prior appointment. You can contact our counsellors during office hours.