Once a year, Studentenwerk Leipzig organises the International Cooking event, where students can demonstrate their cooking skills with the support of our Mensa chefs. The last International Cooking event took place on 15.11.2019 in the Mensa am Medizincampus. Nine students from Yemen, Egypt, Syria, China and Ecuador prepared their favourite recipes for their fellow students. An employee of the Studentenwerk from Tibet also took part in the event and prepared two dishes from the Himalayan region.
The students mastered the challenge of cooking the recipes they had brought with them with fun and commitment, even under the special circumstances of a Mensa kitchen - unusual large quantities and unfamiliar kitchen utensils. But with the support of the Mensa team, everyone has quickly settled in.

In the evening the international dishes could be tasted. About 200 students of all Leipzig universities tasted the food, which was served by the cooking students themselves at the buffet. All guests, the participating students and the host, the Studentenwerk Leipzig were happy and satisfied with the successful event.

The recipes for cooking can be found below the picture gallery.

The next International Cooking will presumably take place in June 2020. If you want to be there and get something cooking yourself, just email to hoelzel {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de!

International Cooking 2019

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International Cooking 2018

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