Common Rooms

For the residents to meet, talk, and have fun, common rooms are provided in every hall of residence, like:

  • Fitness rooms
  • Table tennis rooms
  • Rehearsal rooms
  • Baking kitchen

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Student Hall of Residence representatives and Tutors

Our student hall of residence representatives and tutors, who are students themselves and live in the residences, are always ready to listen to problems and questions, but they also ensure a good atmosphere in the student hall of residence through communal events and activities. You can find more information about the work of the student hall of residence representatives and tutors on our website in the support section.

Student Clubs at Studentenwerk Student Halls

Studentenwohnheim Nürnberger Straße 42-48 / Brüderstraße 26
Student Club "Stuk" at Hall of Residence Nürnberger Straße

There are five student clubs at the halls of residence, helping residents to meet each other and make friends by organizing events and by the close collaboration with the tutors for international students and the halls of residence spokespeople.

There are furthermore the HTWK club Eichamt E14 and the TV-Club, both are not located in student halls of residence though. The association of all student clubs in Leipzig is RuTiLuSt.