Getting in touch with new people is an essential part of studying. On this page you will find information on different offers that can help you to get to know local students and exchange ideas and experiences, even in times of the corona pandemic.

We recommend you to check back for updates regularly, as new information may be added.

Offers & points of contact

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  • HTWK international
    • Our (virtual) meeting for all our international students

      our monthly meeting "HTWK International" takes place in the Mensa Academica where we provide you with free coffee, tea and cake. Due to the Corona pandemic this is unfortunately not possible, but we have organized an alternative instead. So grab your laptop and let's go!

  • We can discuss the following topics, depending on what you are in the mood for:
  •  Mentoring programme for international students
    As a first-year student at the HTWK Leipzig, you probably have many questions about the university and the organisation of your studies. The mentoring programme will support you in these matters. The programme is aimed at foreign students who are new at the HTWK Leipzig. It makes it easier for them to start their studies, supports their integration into the student community and helps them overcome cultural challenges. HTWK students (mentors) from higher semesters accompany foreign students (mentees) in their first year of study as they arrive at HTWK Leipzig and organise their studies.
  • Your advantages at a glance:
    •     First contacts at the HTWK Leipzig
    •     Student contact person even before the start of studies
    •     Support in organizing your studies
    •     Language support
  •  Newsletter for international students
    Once a month we publish a newsletter with important information about studying, looking for jobs and hints about interesting upcoming events. If you would like to receive the newsletter, please send an e-mail with the subject "Abo Newsletter" study {{ätt}} htwk-leipzig {{punkt}} de

  • Girls' Club
    Womens networking space.

    Monthly women's meeting in a relaxed atmosphere to talk about topics that are of interest to you.  Everyone is welcome: HTWK students, but also female graduates. At the moment the meetings are taking place online:, meetings on the first Friday of the month, 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

  • University sports
    The various sports courses are a great place to get to know other students at the HTWK and find a physical balance to your everyday study routine with lectures, seminars etc.
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