Planning your studies can be very complex. Especially when studying in another country, and if you are not yet familiar with its regulations, you may be facing some challenges. But don't be discouraged. There are numerous points of contact and offers that can help you to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your studies.

This page lists some of the central institutions that you can contact if you are interested in studying at a university in Leipzig and the surrounding area, including Halle and Merseburg. It is worth checking back regularly, because new information may be added.

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Offers & points of contact

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  • Social Counselling for international students to-be

    Our social counselling service provides advice before you start your studies on topics like financing your studies, health insurance, finding accommodation, studying with children, studying with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses, residence issues and many more.

    You can also receive counselling in your country of origin via video consultations with oursocial counsellors.

    Send us an e-mail to arrange your personal consultation:
    sozialberatung {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de sozialberatung {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de ( )

  • Department for Grants 
  • Tutors of the Studentenwerk

    Even before the start your studies you have important questions about living in a student hall of residence, making contact with other students or free-time activities in and around Leipzig? The tutors of the Studentenwerk Leipzig are the right people to ask.

  • Student Housing

    Here you can find information about affordable student housing in the student halls of residence of the Studentenwerk Leipzig, which are located close to the university.

    Special needs: Are you planning to study in Leipzig, already have a child and are interested in a room in a student hall of residence? Do you want to study in Leipzig and are looking for barrier-free accommodation? Contact the social counselling service early on and let them know about your needs. Our social counsellors will support you in contacting the Student Housing department. 

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  • Academy for transcultural exchange (ATA)

    The Academy for Transcultural Exchange (AtA) at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig (HGB) is the first academic programme in Germany for people who have a history of flight whose participants are enrolled at the  university. Within the framework of the AtA programme, participants can prepare for their regular studies at the HGB Leipzig. For AtA students, German as a foreign language is offered. Regular German courses are offered as well at levels from B1 to C1.

    For more information about AtA's programme, provided also in different languages, please visit the Webseite of the HGB

    Application & questions to: ata {{ätt}} hgb-leipzig {{punkt}} de

    For individual consultation on topics like funding and other questions, please contact the AtA social counselling service at: atasupport {{ätt}} hgb-leipzig {{punkt}} de 

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Application deadlines via uni-assist:

Summer semester
1 November to 15 January for students with C1
1 November to 15 December for students with B1 or B2 (German language course (DSH)) and the Studienkolleg
entrance test and DSH course in Zittau: February 2022

Winter semester
1 May to 15 July for students with C1
1 May to 15 June for students with B1 or B2 (German language course (DSH)) as well as the Studienkolleg
 entrance test and DSH course in Zittau: August 2021

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