The Student Family Center “StuFaz” is a meeting and networking place, a place to go to and a place for counselling and events for (future) students parents who are enrolled at one of the 8 universities/academies in Leipzig. Our Social Counselling Service offers various information events, workshops and counselling for student parents whose children are not yet in childcare. Additionally, in StuFaz, student parents have a place to play, relax, meet and study. Student parents are welcome to bring their children along. However, we do not offer childcare – but all events are made for taking your children with you.

The latest information and opening hours will be announced on this webpage or in Studentenwerk Leipzig's Facebook group "Studium mit Kind Leipzig".

Who we are

Annett Engelmann

Social Counsellor & Contact Person for Students with Children
+49 1761 9659 674
sozialberatung {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de

Counselling in English possible.

Jenny Wehling

Social Counsellor & Contact Person for students with child(ren)
+49 1761 9659 679
sozialberatung {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de

Counselling in English possible.

Program and Opening Hours in Summer Semester 2022

Every semester, we have an interesting program for student parents (to-be) at StuFaz. Please note that due to the current situation, not all offers are available at the moment. As soon as starting dates are set, we will inform you about them here on the website.

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Mixed sports group for pregnant women and mums with baby

Logo Techniker Krankenkasse

This free course is for both students with babies and pregnant women. It is adapted to the target group of pregnant women and mothers with a baby after pregnancy. The aim is to give them the opportunity to exercise during pregnancy and to be able to take time for physical activity even with a baby in order to maintain their physical fitness as far as possible during pregnancy or to improve it again after pregnancy.

The course offers studying (expectant) mothers the opportunity to stay in touch with each other and with university life in addition to doing sports.

This course is offered in cooperation with Techniker Krankenkasse. If there is sufficient demand, this course is extendable.

When and where?

  • Mondays 10-11 a.m.
    • 11.07: Mobilisation, strengthening, stretching
    • 18.07: Balance & Stability
    • 25.07: Back strengthening & relaxation
  • Meeting point: Studenten- & Familienzentrum Studentenwerk Leipzig StuFaz (Nürnberger Straße 42)


  • Max. 15 participants.
  • The course takes place outdoors.
  • The course is free of charge.
  • Please bring a mat, towel or blanket, sportswear (weatherproof clothing) and drinks (water, etc.).

Please send your registration including your first and last name as well as your matriculation number to sozialberatung {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de.

Parenting with Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

Mindful Compassionate Parenting (MCP) is a health insurance-certified mindfulness and self-compassion training specifically for parents with the aim of better managing stress in everyday family life and taking more mindful care of themselves.

With the help of the practice of mindfulness, self-compassion and the cultivation of the positive, resources are strengthened to train and promote awareness and the handling of stress. Guided exercises and meditations train techniques to recognise one's own automatic (stress) patterns. This self-awareness is complemented by passing on knowledge about ancient automatic reaction patterns of our parent brain in stress. The development of a loving, supportive relationship with oneself and with the children can be strengthened as well as the ability to maintain healthy boundaries and self-care. The exchange of experiences in the course with the other parents can support this and allow us to experience together that parents are "only human". Exercises for the home offer new perspectives and promote self-care, joy and serenity in harmonious as well as challenging times. 

Contents and objectives of the MCP course:

  • Developing self-care, 
  • self-acceptance, self-compassion in parenting
  • Improving self-regulation in dealing with difficult feelings and thoughts
  • Presence and bonding in family life
  • Perceiving and consciously dealing with internalised patterns and old schemes in parenting
  • Dealing constructively with conflicts and repairing breaks in the relationship
  • Love and boundaries in family life
  • Improving the compatibility of study and family

When and where?

  • Weekly Wednesdays from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m:
    • 07.09. / 14.09. / 21.09. / 28.09. / 05.10.22
  • StuFaz I Nürnberger Straße 42 I 04103 Leipzig I Tel: 0176-19659674


  • A maximum of 7 places are available for this free on-site course.
  • Course instructor: Annett Engelmann - social pedagogue / MCP trainer.

Please register for the course and make an appointment for the obligatory introductory talk by email to sozialberatung {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de. Registration deadline is 02.09.22.

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The open telephone consultation hours are held without prior appointment. A counselling session lasts a maximum of 20 minutes and is designed to get an initial overview of your concerns. After this short initial conversation, further counselling appointments can then be arranged directly. You can contact us during the telephone office hours:

  • Thursday 10.00-12.00 a.m. +49 1761 9659 674 Ms. Engelmann

Please do try to call us several times during these telephone consultation hours. Even if the lines are busy, you will hear a dial tone.

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For an individual consultation, a personal appointment is made in advance. The session usually lasts 50 minutes. The counselling can be held in English or German and may take place in the following ways:

  • by telephone
  • by video chat via Big Blue Button
  • or live on site (depending on the pandemic situation)

Individual counselling can be arranged by:

  • booking an appointment with Ms. Wehling or Ms. Engelmann yourself via the online booking tool
  • arranging an appointment during the telephone consultation hours directly with Ms. Wehling or Ms. Engelmann (you can find the times above under telephone consultation hours)
  • or by an e-mail request to sozialberatung {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de 
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Since June 2021, we are offering a variety of online information events for student parents (to-be). These events provide the most important general information on the topic of studying with child(ren), show different ways of solving problems, and answer questions from students and their (non-student) partners. These events are free of charge and open to all students of the eight Leipzig universities and academies in the area of responsibility of the Studentenwerk Leipzig.

Our offer includes:

  • Nachwuchs erwartet – Was ich vor der Geburt wissen sollte!
  • Studium in Schwangerschaft oder mit Kind(ern) – Informationen rund um Finanzierung und Studienorganisation
  • Studium mit Kind(ern) – Kinderbetreuung und deren Kosten

All the courses listed above are currently only provided in German. Additional offers as well as the exact contents and access links to the events can be found on the corresponding website of our Social Counseling Service.

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Due to current situation, this option is no longer available, as the StuFaz will remain closed until further notice.

You have your own ideas and you would like to share them with other student parents? You can use our rooms in StuFaz center for your projects/events on working days. Contact engelmann {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de.

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Due to current situation, this option is no longer available, as the StuFaz will remain closed until further notice.

In StuFaz we have a reading corner with carefully chosen literature  on the subjects parenthood, family and education for local reading. We also have selected books for the kids. The reading corner is accessible when we have Open Rooms and when the writing lab takes place.

Insight into StuFaz

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Location & Accessibility

The Student Family Center StuFaz is located in student hall of residence Nürnberger Straße 42. The front entrance can only be reached by stairs but the back entrance is accessible with strollers. Both entrances have a doorbell, please ring it.


Nürnberger Str. 24, 04103 Leipzig


The StuFaz does not have barrier-free access. 

Visit us:

  • By Tram: Stop "Bayerischer Bahnhof", Lines 2, 9, 16
  • By Bus: Stop "Bayerischer Bahnhof", Line 60
  • By S-Bahn: Stop "Bayerischer Bahnhof", Lines S1,S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S5X
  • By Car: There are no separate parking spaces, only public parking nearby may be used 

Stroller Accessibilty at StuFaz Center

If you would like to visit StuFaz with a stroller, please use the back entrance of the building in Nürnberger Straße 42 (via Brüderstraße). At the back entrance, you will find a ramp which leads you directly to our door. Please ring our doorbell. Inside the building we have a room where you can park and lock your stroller—protected from all weather conditions. We recommend locking your stroller; Studentenwerk Leipzig does not assume liability.  When you're in the building, follow the signage to our StuFaz center.