Current information & open facilities

Some of our previous Corona protection measures remain in place: such as wearing a medical mouth-nose protection or an FFP2 respirator mask without an exhalation valve during your entire stay (exception: during meals). Furthermore, we recommend keeping a distance of 1.5 m. Payment can only be made with a Mensa card. Cash payment is not possible. Further information on the measures can be found further below.

All facilities are open again for on-site consumption and for the sale of take-out food and beverages.

Due to the current situation, occasional closures may occur. You can find more information about the latest opening hours and possible changes on the pages of each facility:

What should you keep in mind when you want to visit our Mensas/Cafeterias? We have once again compiled the rules of conduct here

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  • Please pay only with your Mensacard/Student card - as NO cash payments are  possible! Please make sure in advance that you have enough credit on your card. TIPP: Use AutoLoad!
  • If you have symptoms of a cold, please do not go to the Mensa/Cafeteria.
  • Please make sure to wash or disinfect your hands at the entrance before visiting the Mensa/Cafeteria.
  • Please follow the cough and sneeze etiquette.
  • Make sure to wear an FFP2 respirator mask or comparable respiratory protection (all without an exhalation filter) during your entire stay in our Mensas and Cafeterias.
  • Please keep a distance of 1.5 metres to all persons at all times - both in the serving area and in the dining hall. There are markings on the floor for your orientation.
  • In the self-checkout counters, please only touch what you actually intend to take.
  • If contact tracing is mandatory, you can leave your contact details in an analogue form or use the digital system via the Corona warning app. You will be informed about the procedure on site.
  • Please also mind, that we cannot hand out food in containers brought along by our guests due to reasons of infection control.
  • Stay in the Mensa/Cafeteria only as long as necessary.

Payment methods

Please be aware that you can only pay with your (MENSA-)CARD (student card etc.) in all Mensas/Cafeterias - cash payment is currently NOT possible! Exceptions will not be made. Please make sure that you have enough credit on your card and if necessary recharge your credit in advance at the loading terminals! We recommend using AutoLoad. The latest information on Mensa Card service can be found at the website of Studenten Service Zentrum (SSZ).

The operation of the Mensas and Cafeterias is subject to strict hygienic regulations, not only during Corona times. We do our very best at the moment to ensure that the hygienic standards exceed the normal level.

Hygiene measures & distance rules

The already known hygiene measures and safety regulations still apply in our facilities. We would like to ask you to act in solidarity and follow these rules in order to protect yourself, other guests and our employees. Otherwise, we are facing closures of our facilities

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  • Before our facilities were reopened, the entire staff has again been trained in hygiene and instructed on the measures addressing the current situation.
  • Tables and seats as well as surfaces exposed to frequent contact are regularly disinfected.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our Mensas and Cafetarias!